Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Life is good!

Now that you have learned 43 things about me, I think it's time for more pictures.

Bug with a bug
A bug with a Bug. Hunter wait patiently while Mom talks to the guy at the camera shop.

Michigan fans
Taking a break from the U of M game to pose for a picture. Okay so Dad needs a shave, but it's a great picture anyway.

Talking away.

Gotta love that smile.

Can't forget the furry kids - Jake-o-Rama.

Beautiful buds
Probably the last Mr. Lincoln rose of the season. These are my favorite roses. Aside from being beautiful, they smell incredible.

I like the Talking Away photo, and the one of the rose, and Dad/Hunter too!

Did you know there's a variety of rose called the Cary Grant? [/nerd]
Great pictures! He is so adorable; such a contagious smile. The pic with your hubby is awesome-- two dudes watchin' some football!
Okay, your baby is so cute it makes me *pang* when I see him.

And then I think things like "ohmygod, I hope my baby looks like Hunter!" Because HE IS SO CUTE!

You grow roses? For real?
What a cute little guy you have!!!
Ooh. That is one cute sweetie pie you got there! (Actually, two...even if one of them does need a shave!)

The rose is gorgeous. I miss growing things. Since we currently live in the desert, and I am negligent at best about remembering to water plants, I thought it best to forgo growing things til we move again.

Wonderful photos!
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