Monday, October 02, 2006

October 2, 1963 2006

On this date every year I always accidentally type 1963 as the year at least once. I'm so used to writing it that way. Yep, you guessed it; it's my birthday. 43 fucking years old - holy crap the time is flying by. But lucky me, I live in an era where 40 is the new 30!!

According to Mommy Grows Up it's a tradition to post a list about yourself on your birthday; here's mine. Since this is my 43rd, the list is 43 items long.

1. I've been to Hawaii on vacation. Where I fulfilled many of my dreams - so I needed new ones.

2. I've been whale watching and seen whales up close, walked through a rain forest, seen an active volcano and walked on lava (already hard, obviously). All in Hawaii.

3. I've walked on a black sand beach and swam in the ocean there and saw an endangered Hawksbill Turtle.

4. I've watch the sun set from the top of Mount Haleakala in Hawaii.

5. I've been to the Renaissance Festival in three different states.

6. People who litter are my biggest pet peeve.

7. I've been white water rafting.

8. I often wish I would have gone into graphic design; instead, I'm a bean-counter.

9. I almost ran into and knocked over Bono from U2 before a concert at the Pontiac Silverdome while working there.

10. I've been in the dressing rooms of the Rolling Stones and N'Sync.

11. I've only been married once and it is to my soul-mate and best friend.

12. I didn't get married until I was in my forties (forty to be exact).

13. I have one child; he is almost 16 weeks old. I feel so blessed to have a healthy and happy son. Added bonus: he sleeps through the night.

14. I pump breast milk everyday at work.

15. I didn't have any children until I was in my forties (forty-two to be exact).

16. I have very think hair.

17. Most people think I'm in my mid-thirties.

18. I haven't been unemployed since I was 18 years old.

19. I put my self through college (undergraduate and graduate school). I received my Masters' Degree Suma Cum Laude while working full time. (3.9... baby!!)

20. I make jewelry.

21. I love taking pictures. I wish I was a better photographer - I am still learning though.

22. I believe in karma.

23. I can code a web-site by hand in html ( I know, you can't tell by the crappy look of my blog. Updates coming, I swear).

24. I am a master at Excel.

25. I am a certified Novell Administrator (read: computer geek).

26. I believe I can use both sides of my brain (logical and creative) and I am often torn between the two. (see # 8).

27. I've always wanted to write a book.

28. I have traveled across the state to meet people I knew from an Internet forum .

29. I love all types of music (country - not so much) and I am currently listening to Christina Augilara and Justin Timberlake.

30. My CD's (I have over 200) are all in a 400 CD changer and the cases are alphabetized and numbered according to the slot they take in the changer. (OCD, I know)

31. I have a tattoo of a rose on my back (shoulder blade) which I have had for over 13 years (before it was cool).

32. I dated someone for many years (over five) who later confessed to be gay.

33. I have take auto mechanics' classes and have changed disc brakes, drum brakes, rebuilt a carburetor and torn an engine completely down.

34. I have at least 13 rose bushes in my yard.

35. I've vacationed in England where I looked up my family tree, rode on a double decker bus and drank beer in a different pub everynight.

36. I've camped and hiked in a Red Wood Forest.

37. I love to bake. Christmas cookies are my speciality.

38. I'm allergic to penicillin, sulfa, acrylic nails and Neosporin.

39. I don't get mosquito bites (they bite me but I don't react by getting a red itchy bump.)

40. I am fairly new to blogging but I have kept a handwritten journal since I was about 16. I find the two completely different.

41. I don't drink pop. Mostly I drink water, it's my favorite.

42. I have freckles.

43. I can find the good side to any situation - especially if it's someone else's situation. ;)

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