Saturday, August 05, 2006

I was dreading last night more than anyone knows...

EDITED: Finally I was able to figure out how to add pictures from Flickr... so here you go... post with pictures. (don't you love pictures!!)

Since day 3, the Bug has been sleeping in his car seat. When we brought him home he would not sleep in his 'vast' crib. Every time we put him in the crib he would flounder around, un-swaddle himself and finally wake himself up ten minutes later. Finally someone suggested we try his car seat. Since then he has been sleeping in his car seat, with the car seat in his crib. Hey whatever works. And it must have been working because the Bug has been sleeping five to seven hours practically every night. What?? Don't hate me - it must be all that good livin'. Um.. ok, that can't be it.

I wasn't going to force the issue, but when I was checking into daycare for him they told me they would no allow him to sleep in his car seat. Apparently state regulations won't allow that. But they did tell me that sometimes they put them to sleep in the cribs with Boppies. Go figure, it says right on the Boppy not to put it in the crib or use it as a sleep aid. Not to mention, it doesn't look that comfortable when sleeping.

This is the cradle that my Grandfather made when I was born. So, yea... it's old.

Of course sometimes he just looks happy where ever he is:

Bug doesn't take his naps in his car seat (unless we are in the car... duh). He sleeps best in the swing.

I can also get him to sleep in his cradle but only until recently would he sleep more than 1/2 an hour in the cradle.

Last night I decided to try putting Hunter in his crib sans the car seat. We did use the sleep positioner and I also put him on his side (which is how he prefers to sleep). The sleep positioner prevents him from rolling on his tummy. I was prepared for the 2:00 AM wakeup followed by the 4:30 AM and the 6:45 AM all followed by crabby Sheryl all day Saturday.

Guess what?!? He didn't require attention until ....

5:45!! Hello!! 5:45... that's SEVEN hours after I left him there in that giant crib to fend for himself.

My Karma must be so intact. Ok... whatever... moving on now...

Now he did grunt a bit around 3:30ish but, as usual he falls back to sleep with no intervention. That's why I said "require attention". Sometimes I can hear Hunter in his room cooing or grunting or just fidgeting around but he doesn't cry and usually falls back asleep within 10 to 15 minutes. I have even put him to bed awake and he will fall asleep on his own. Yes, people I said I put him down awake.

I sure hope all these wonderful blessings we have with our Angel Bug aren't pre-payback for him being a hellion when he gets older. Either way, I'm thrilled to have such an angel.

NOTE: Ok, what the fuck... I am trying to add some pics for your viewing pleasure. But NOOOOO... apparently Blogger isn't in the mood to add photos. I'll try again later. They were such cute photos too...

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