Thursday, June 08, 2006

The good news and the bad news...

Well I don't have to worry about deciding how long to work. The doctor. took me off work and put me on semi-bed rest. After my appointment yesterday the doctor sent me to the hospital. They took my blood pressure and decided it was too high. Sent me to the hospital for some tests and possible inducement. Okay, now I'm freaking out.

"best laid plans" ... pffft

Anyway, baby is healthy and fine and my body's not ready to give him up yet, so they sent me home with a script for blood pressure medication. I have to go back Friday for another 'non-stress test' - do I even need to go into the irony of the name of THAT test!?! So they are still threatening inducement on Friday, which of course could just end in a c-section. Since I have a few days to take this all in, I am sure I can get a mental handle on it all.

I really wanted to be present during the birth of my son. I also wanted my husband to be there and be able to cut the cord. A c-section could change all these things. But really, does it change the outcome? No.

See... I'm getting a handle on things already.

Ok... let's talk semi-bed rest. According to the nurse that released me I can do light chores, cook dinner, light laundry... but no shopping ... WTF!?!

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