Friday, July 28, 2006

A day in the life...

Yesterday I went to Hardee's to have lunch with my best friend. It's a very rare occurrence but since I'm on maternity leave we decided it would be fun. Of course the baby carrier wouldn't fit in the booth and they didn't have 'normal' restaurant high chairs that can be flipped over to hold a carrier. So the carrier had to rest next to me in the booth propped on the table and the back of the booth.

Anyone who has a baby knows about the "Mom has food, I need something" phenomenon. So of course Hunter wanted to eat, which he did. But I had to take him out of the carrier to burp him. I don't like doing this, especially in a fast food restaurant. I normally try to keep Hunter covered if we are out in public. He's very tiny and I don't want people coming up and touching him ( or even really breathing on him for that matter). So he's out and over my shoulder being burped. I can hear someone saying / asking:

"That's a new baby... how old is he?"

"Almost 6 weeks" my friend answers

"Is it a boy or a girl"

"He's a boy" my friend again obliges... now at this point I am whispering to Hunter "hurry up and burp buddy." I just want to put him back in his carrier.

A few minutes later a man comes over to our table. He is flipping through some folded bills ( it didn't look like he had more than $20 or so). He pulls out a 10 dollar bill and hands it to me. "Here, buy something nice for your baby." I try to politely refuse and he insisted. The man was there alone and obviously wasn't a wealthy man. He was probably a local regular to that restaurant.

I was quite touched by this man's generosity.

I think I will save that 10 dollar bill and tell the story to Hunter when he is old enough to understand. What a great way for him to learn about being selfless and for Mom to remember not to pre-judge anyone.

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